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Community Development and Youth Work Archive at Bolton University

A new archive is being established by Bolton university which seeks to collect material on community development and youth work that is no longer in print or was never formally published, project reports, journals, minutes, toolkit, training materials etc etc. The library has created a space where people interested in what has happened before in community development can use the donated materials for research that can inform future practice. In time, it will form part of the planned National Youth Work archives which will be made up on archives held around the country if NYA raise the funds for this.

ESB attended the initial launch of the Bolton archive and is supporting its development; we have already donated many books and project materials and are pleased they have somewhere to be deposited. If you, or anyone or a group you know, have old CD related material that you would like to donate then please get in touch with Sinead English and say what you have and she can tell you if its suitable and if they already have copies of books. Sinead is also keen to make links with other small archives that are held around the country so if you know of any local or national ones that have some relevance then do send her the details and she can contact them. If you wish to visit the archive contact Sinead on the above link and she can arrange it with you.