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Understanding the conflict in Palestine

  • Super User Issue 554 Palestine: from occupation to uprising . This has a number of articles written in July/ August 2023 which looks at what is happening in Israel, the  impact on farmers and farming; the rational for a boycott; the assault on Gaza and the state of siege that existed prior to the current cleansing of the land, the failure of the Oslo peace accord and the use of culture as a tool of resistance. More recent editions have carried updates.  They state that like generations of Jewish leftists before us, we fight for the liberation of all people. We believe that through organizing, we can and will dismantle the institutions and structures that sustain injustice and grow something new, joyful, beautiful, and life-sustaining in their place. We picture the concrete of the Apartheid wall in pieces on free Palestinian soil. We picture Israeli jails, prisons, and detention centers emptied and dismantled. We picture the return of Palestinian refugees, reuniting with their families and communities. We picture Palestinians — from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea — living with their inalienable rights respected, building schools and hospitals and planting olive groves with the resources they need. 

We imagine Jewish Israelis released from conscripted violence against Palestinians, free from dehumanizing others which in turn diminishes their own humanity. We imagine Jewish Israelis joining Palestinians to build a just society, rooted in equality rather than supremacy, dignity rather than domination, democracy rather than dispossession — a society where every life is precious. Throughout the Jewish diaspora, we envision our communities beginning to heal from the Zionist movement’s attempts to dilute and erase many of our diasporic histories, languages, and traditions. We envision replacing Jewish institutions that use fear to keep us in line, and the proliferation of thriving and vibrant Jewish communities building safety for ourselves and all our neighbors, grounded in a vision of dignity, power, and love for all people. 

They  have a number of articles on the current war including Why Israel’s war on Gaza is textbook genocide; Jews organising for a ceasefire. They have a news feed which updates with what actions people are and can take Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) is a community of people working together for peace, equality, and justice and against racism, occupation, and colonisation. Together we are the biggest organisation in the UK dedicated to securing Palestinian human rights. PSC brings people from all walks of life together to campaign for Palestinian rights and freedom. We are united in our belief that Israel’s flouting of international law, continued military occupation of Palestine, and systematic discrimination against Palestinians is unacceptable; so together we are taking action. We are taking on corporations that profit from the occupation, our government that still refuses to hold Israel to account, and the media that does not report the truth. And we are building a mass movement for Palestine in the UK.We believe in people power. The more of us standing together, raising the call for justice and equality, the louder our voice. We know that united we can take on the might of governments, corporations, and the media – and we can win.

The Palestinian Solidarity Campaign has a national web site with details of the actions that are being planned both in London and around the  country. It has a good resources section with a series of fact sheets

On the basic facts on what has happened since 1948, and the UKs complicity in the violence against Palestinians, the ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem, illegal settlements and political prisoners, including child prisoners – all free to read or download,

Local PSC groups tend to work through Face Book with regular updates about the situation in Gaza and details of local actions.


to follow people in Gaza reporting on what’s happening on the ground:


The Iona Christian Community has an Israel/ Palestine Common Concern Network which explores the history of the situation in Palestine from a  Christian Perspective and states their current concerns  - This statement is a response to the extreme and accelerating urgency of the existential threat

to Palestinians, and the Cry for Hope from Palestinian Christians calling us to renewed

action. We reflect on developments and on our experience since our previous statement in

  1. By refining our position we hope to support Iona Community Members and Associate

Members to come to a deeper awareness and activism which promotes a just future for all in Palestine and Israel. Jews for Justice for Palestinians. JJP exists to advocate for Palestinian political and human rights. JJP opposes the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and the continual repression of Palestinian resistance by the Israeli armed forces.  We lobby the British, American and other governments, and the European Union. to exert pressure on Israeli governments to end the occupation. We speak to human rights and religious groups across the UK and appear on television and radio programmes. We promote targeted boycott, divestment and sanctions initiatives against Israeli and foreign organisations which maintain, promote or profit from the illegal occupation or undermine the rights of the Palestinian people.

They have made a statement JJP is horrified by the current Israel/Gaza conflict. The attack on Israeli civilians was a war crime and a crime against humanity. The same can be said of the massive, continuing Israeli attacks on Gaza. Both are despicable.

They have a useful news and comments section, a book list, free speech on Israel and Palestinian Rights.  They update daily with a good range of topics discussed about what is happening and looking at different perspective. This has a useful and thoughtful statement about the conflict. We are Jews who believe wholeheartedly in the right of Israel to exist and flourish and the right of Palestinians to self-determination in a state of their own. We refuse to give up on the vision of Israel and a Palestinian state one day existing side-by-side. This is the only long-term solution that will not involve untold bloodshed.

The Board of deputies of British Jews supports Israeli action in Gaza and organises Standing with Israel demonstrations The Council of Christians and Jews is a leading player in interfaith engagement. We call on people of faith to challenge prejudice and persecution together.
We bring Jews and Christians together to engage in education, dialogue and social action. We were founded in 1942, at the height of the Second World War and the Holocaust, by Archbishop William Temple and Chief Rabbi Joseph Hertz We have grown into a nationwide network of 30 active branches around the UK, complemented by a professional team that run national programmes in education, dialogue and social action - for Rabbis and clergy, community leaders, students, policy makers, CCJ members and those of all faiths and none.  The message of CCJ is as relevant today as ever. We call on people of faith to use our diversity to challenge prejudice and persecution together so that we can build strong communities that live in dignity, understanding and fellowship.

They have resources on holocaust education, Israel-Palestine dialogue, social action amongst others