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Recognition Downloads

Below you will see documentation for endorsement as a Recognition centre alongside information about Recogntion to download. Find out more about how we can help with your recognition journey by contacting us

Downloads for Recognition

Endorsement Documentation

Please contact ESB for details

ESB has recently undetaken a significant review of our criteria. In due course we will have endorsement documetation available.

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What is Recognition

Recogntion is Validation of Practice

Recognition is a mentor supported process which validates people's learning from reflecting on their practice (paid or unpaid). Recognition is based on the core values of community development and the ESB criteria for community development work (incorporating the 2023 UK CD NOS, the IACD international Standards for Community Development and the UN sustainability goals) which set out the skills and knowledge required to be an effective CD practitioner.

ESB works in partnership with organisations to design a suitable programme to meet their specific requirements and the funding / resources available. ESB can train mentors as well as providing to assessors.